Early Intervention in Psychosis

Bradford and Airedale Early Intervention Service specialises in working with people aged 14-35 years old who may be experiencing issues with their mental health, such as:

· Unusual or distressing beliefs.

· Hearing, seeing, sensing or feeling things that no one else can (e.g. hearing voices).

· Feeling suspicious or paranoid.

· Jumbled up or confused thinking.

This is sometimes called ‘psychosis’. Often this happens when stressful events or situations have become too much. If you or someone you know might be having these experiences, it is important to get help early, even if you are unsure. Early Intervention provides a range of services including psychological therapies, medical and social interventions designed to meet young people's needs, and helping them get their lives back on track. You can get in touch with us for advice and to refer by calling 01274 221021 or drop in to Culture Fusion (ask to see us at the main desk). We are open Monday- Friday 9am-5pm (answerphone with advice outside these hours).

Early Intervention is a confidential service funded by Bradford District Care Trust and Bradford District Council.

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