Our Story So Far

Back in the Day

Young people of Bradford have wanted a central location, where they can come together, for a long time. At the start of the project we found loads of consultations from young people saying how important this is.

A government pot of money called myplace had funding for 'world-class, state-of-the-art youth facilities'. Bradford YMCA and Bradford Council, along with young people, looked at exactly what young people wanted for the centre of Bradford and where this could be. 125 Thornton Road was offered, and the young people loved it. Designs were then drawn up, the bid was submitted to myplace, and we were successful in principle.
This is a brief run-down of our story so far:
June 2008: Young people’s residential. The young people’s steering group becomes the Culture Fusion Advisors (CFA’s), and future plans are made.
4th March 2009: myplace hands over the cheque!
April 2009: Project managers appointed. Rex Proctor and Partners; the main project manager was 25 at the start of the project.
May 2009: Architect is hired. Bowman Riley; the main architect was 25 at the start of the project.
Summer 2009: Roadshow and consultations. Young people were asked what they want from a state-of-the-art youth centre.

13th March 2010: Launch event. Centenary Square; over 1000 young people attended and experienced what Culture Fusion will have to offer.
April 2010: First building visit. The building has a lot of potential, but it takes some imagination!
Summer 2010: Interior design. Young people work with an interior design student from Bradford College to decide how they want the building to look.
31st August 2010: Builders start on site. Young people celebrated this with a picture on site, then an evening out bowling.
Now: Building work continues.
31st October 2011: Culture Fusion opens!